Preliminary Bid Results

Bid Award in Progress
The county will post a preliminary bid tabulation within 2 business days of the advertised bid opening. The information on the preliminary bid tabulation will be posted as it was read and prepared during the bid opening. The county makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any information on the preliminary tabulation. The award will be listed on the website after final award by the Frederick County Executive. 
IFB #15-190
Mitsubishi HVAC Equipment, Service & Training
Preliminary Bid Tabulation

IFB #15-184
Chain Link Fencing at 430 Pine Avenue
Preliminary Bid Tabulation
IFB #15-150
Helically Corrugated Aluminum / Steel Pipe
Preliminary Bid Tabulation

IFB #15-140
Mowing & Grounds Maintenance
Preliminary Bid Tabulation

IFB #15-130-CP
Fire & Rescue Station 1 Renovation
Final Bid Tabulation

 IFB #15-126-CP
Monocacy Interceptor Structural Improvements
Preliminary Bid Tabulation
IFB #15-121
Septic Tank and Other Pumping Services
Preliminary Bid Tabulation

 IFB #15-104
LED Lighting
Preliminary Bid Tabulation 

IFB #15-043
Roof Coating - Bourne Building, Warehouses, Highway Operations/Fleet Services Buildings
Preliminary Bid Tabulation