Commission on Aging


Commission meetings are open to the public.
  • 2nd Monday of each month, 1 p.m.
  • Frederick County Department of Aging
    1440 Taney Ave.
    Frederick, MD 21702
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The Commission is composed of 15 voting members, all residents and registered voters of Frederick County. There are also non-voting Ex-Officio members. Members serve staggered terms of 3 years. 
Current Commission on Aging Members

In 1965, the Board of County Commissioners conducted a survey of the needs of the older citizens throughout Frederick County. Based upon the results of this survey, the Board of County Commissioners established the Frederick County Commission on Aging in December 1965.The purpose of the Commission is to advise the County Commissioners and the Frederick County Department of Aging on all matters relating to development and administration of the area plan and operations conducted hereunder, and to be advocates for issues relating to aging.

The Commission on Aging is always interested in qualified advocates for seniors to serve on the board as vacancies occur. The Frederick County Board of County Commissioners appoints members. If you would like to apply to be a member, send a letter of interest, along with your resume to:
Joyce M. Grossnickle
Administrative Officer
Board of County Commissioners
Winchester Hall
12 E. Church St.
Frederick, MD 21701