Knox Box Information

What Are They & Why Are They Required?
The KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System provides non-destructive emergency access to commercial and residential property. The fire service uses the various Knox key boxes, vaults, key switches and padlocks for safe and secure rapid entry into properties that are equipped with fire sprinkler or fire alarm systems, as well as other properties where the Fire Marshal considers it necessary for the Fire Department to gain rapid entry.
Where to Order a Knox Box
You may order a Knox Box online through the Knox Company.

How to Order a Knox Product
Once on the Knox Company website follow the steps below to order the appropriate product:
  1. Select the product you wish to purchase from the list on the left column.
    • Knox Box 3200 Series:
      (Holds up to 10 keys without key access cards - Hinged door required)
    • Knox Box 4100 Series:
      (Holds keys and key access cards - Hinged door required)
    • Knox Vaults 4400 Series:
      (Holds up to 50 keys and good to use for keys and access control cards)
    • Recessed Mounting Kits (RMK)
    • Padlocks
  2. Enter the zip code (21704) and press enter.
  3. Select “Frederick County Department Fire / Rescue” from the list for any product being purchased for use within Frederick County, Maryland and continue.
  4. Select the appropriate product and then add to cart! (Note: If ordering a Knox Box, please make sure you've selected the "Hinged Door" model.
  5. For padlocks to be used outside, select the Knox Padlock Model 3770 - Exterior all conditions.
  6. Once the box is installed, you will need to contact your local fire station or the County Fire Marshal's Office at 301-600-1479 to have the keys locked in the box.
Where to Install a Knox Box
Knox boxes / vaults shall be installed at the front entrance to the structure and no higher than 6 feet above the finished grade. On structures with vehicular access to the rear of a structure, a Knox Box / Vault shall be installed adjacent to the rear entry and centrally located if there are multiple doors to the single tenant space.