Power Saver Retrofits

Coming soon in 2015!
The Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources was informed in mid-March that it has been awarded a second grant from the Maryland Energy Administration's EmPOWER Clean Energy Communities for low- and moderate-Income homeowners. This grant will allow us to repeat our Power Saver Retrofits (PSR) program in 2015.

Through Power Saver Retrofits, approximately 100 eligible homeowners will receive a comprehensive Home Performance with Energy Star audit and up to $5,000 in energy efficiency improvements for their home. If the audit determines that a home's heating and cooling system (HVAC) needs to be replaced, a total of $8,000 is available for both efficiency improvements and HVAC replacement. There is no cost to the homeowner to participate in this program.

When the grant agreement and budget are approved by Frederick County, applications will become available and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Program start- and end-dates will be determined once the grant agreements are finalized.

Eligibility (subject to change pending grant agreement)

  • You must be a Frederick County homeowner.
  • You must be a registered participant in Frederick County's Green Homes Challenge. Get started!
  • The gross household income of homeowners must be less than 85% of median income for Frederick County based on family size. If your total gross annual income is less that the incomes listed below for your household size, you will be eligible.
  • Additional eligibility information will be posted once the grant agreement is finalized. 

1-Person Household 2-Person Household
3-Person Household
4-Person Household
5-Person Household
6-Person Household

7-Person Household
8-Person Household
$63,650 $72,750 $81,850 $90,950 $98,250 $105,550 $112,800 $120,100

Notification of  Program Launch
To be notified of the launch of Power Saver Retrofits and application availability, Email Lisa Orr with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHYSICAL ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER and indicate that you are interested in the 2015 PSR program.

Contact Information

Lisa Orr
PSR Coordinator
Ph: 301-600-6864

Learn about the 2012-13 Power Saver Retrofits Program
85 Frederick County homes received home energy efficiency improvements through the Power Saver Retrofits Program in December 2012 - May 2013. Through this program, households received up to $1,600 worth of energy efficiency retrofits implemented by a professional contractor, with the homeowner investing just $400.

Watch how the Smith-Siske Family improved their home's energy efficiency!

If you are interested in getting an energy audit and reducing the cost of retrofits through rebates, check out the Potomac Edison Home Performance with Energy Star program.

Power Saver Retrofits is funded by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA).
Funding comes from MEA's Strategic Energy Investment Fund.
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