Report Requests

To request a copy of a fire report, please fill out this online form.

Types of Reports
There are 2 types of reports that may be available following a fire department response to an incident -- Fire Incident Report and Fire Investigation Report.

The Fire Incident Report is completed by fire / rescue personnel to document a fire / rescue response.

When a Fire Investigator is called to an incident to determine the origin and cause of a fire, the investigator will complete a Fire Investigation Report. A Frederick County Fire Investigator does not respond to all fires, therefore, there may be only a Fire Incident Report available. There are times when a fire investigation report will not be released. These time are:
  • Active investigation
  • Identifying confidential informant information
  • Juvenile record
  • Pending criminal prosecution
  • Sensitive nature of the investigation
No Charge
Currently, there is no charge for fire reports and they will be released within 30 days of the request being submitted.