Land Trust

About the Organization
The Frederick County Affordable Housing Land Trust LLC (Land Trust) is a new nonprofit, tax exempt organization formed under the parent company, Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County, Inc., whose purpose is to ensure a sustainable supply of affordable housing. Through a partnership with the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) of Frederick County, the Land Trust acquires properties, rehabilitates if necessary, and sells the properties to qualifying homebuyers. The new homebuyer owns the improvements, and the Land Trust retains ownership of the land. Through a recorded Land Trust Agreement, the property remains affordable to generations of future homebuyers.

Eligibility & Requirements

Please see the Foreclosure Clean Up Act for a description of the partnership between the BoCC and Land Trust and eligibility requirements for interested households.

For More Information
To obtain further information on available properties and eligibility, please contact Jennifer Minnick, the Land Trust Director, at 301-698-2449, ext. 19 or by email, or visit the Land Trust webpage.

Available Properties
Please see Land Trust Available Properties as of June 25, 2014.