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Using Candles Safely
Candle FactsCandle Fire

Candles may look pretty and smell nice, but they are a leading cause of home fires and home fire deaths. Remember, . . . candles can readily ignite anything that can burn.
  • On average a candle fire in the home is reported to a fire department every 30 minutes.
  • Roughly two-fifths of candle fires originate in the bedroom.
  • More than half of all candle fires occur when the candle ignites materials that are too close to it.

If You Do Burn Candles, make sure that you:
  • Avoid using candles in the bedroom or in other areas where people may fall asleep.
  • Blow out all candles when you leave the room or go to bed.
  • Have flashlights and battery-powered lighting readily available for use during a power outage. Never use candles.
  • Keep candles at least 12 inches from anything that can burn.
  • Lite candles safely. Keep you hair and clothing away from the flame.
  • Never use a candle if oxygen is used in the home.
  • Use sturdy candle holders that will not tip over easily. Place candle holders on a sturdy, uncluttered space.