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Health Dept. - Ft. Detrick Environmental Contamination Concerns

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1. Where was sampling performed near Carroll Creek and what were the results?
2. What is [Ft. Detrick] Area B and what materials were disposed there?
3. What contaminants are under investigation [as of August 12, 2010]?
4. What are TCE and PCE?
5. What is Vinyl Chloride and where was it found?
6. What toxins are emitted from incinerators in Area A?
7. Where does the City of Frederick get its water?
8. What agencies are coordinating on the remediation?
9. What testing is the currently underway?
10. What is vapor intrusion?
11. What are dioxins and are they being monitored in the vicinity of Ft. Detrick?
12. What groundwater tests will be completed?
13. Were Carroll Creek sampling results presented at the March 23, 2010 RAB meeting?
14. How many wells surround Fort Detrick?