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Long Range Development

The following projects, listed alphabetically, are scheduled according to the County's approved FY ’13 Capital Improvements Program, to be underway or completed between 2013 and 2018:

Kemptown Community Park Rehabilitation
This maintenance project is intended to make improvements to park components that have reached the end of their cycle. Specifically the project will include: replacement of water treatment and storage system, including distribution lines, replacement of cutoffs, access vaults and fountains; replacements of light poles and fixtures where needed; rehabilitation of amphitheater stage, screen, seating, lighting and fencing; repair and resurfacing of road, lot and walkway pavement; replacing sports field fencing; evaluation; rehabilitation or replacement of shelters #1 and #2 as needed, and replacement of entrance sign, playground #4 and miscellaneous park service equipment.

Middletown Community Park Development and Rehabilitation
This project includes both an expansion to the existing Community Park and a rehabilitation of current facilities. The expansion portion of the project is requested to emphasize development in the eastern section of the Park. This will include construction of a soccer/football field, little league field, parking lot, playground, restroom, and pond dredging with bank erosion protection. Construction of a restroom on the western edge of the pond and installation of athletic field lighting for 2 softball and 2 little league fields and replacement of existing perimeter guardrail will also be accomplished. The maintenance portion of the project is intended to make improvements to park components that have reached the end of their life cycle. The project will include replacement of both entrance signs; repair/resurfacing of road/walkway paving; install paved sidewalk over dam; replace bleacher pad pavement with concrete; pave maintenance yard and enlarge overflow parking lot; replace shelter, shop and concession roofing; replace shelter electrical systems; dredge and make other improvements to pond; replace aerator system; replace truck shed and wood shop; install bulk storage bins; replace maintenance yard fence, replace all backstops/overthrow and outfield fences, replace fountains, valve vault and valves and water piping as needed, rehab restroom interior and replace street lights where needed, install lights along maintenance road and recycling area, and install security lighting/camera system in shop yard. Some miscellaneous park equipment will also be replaced.

Old National Pike District Park Phase 2
Development will include construction of facilities in the center of the park such as picnic shelters, basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, athletic field lighting, playgrounds, volleyball courts, restrooms, an amphitheater, roads and parking.

Othello Regional Park
Master Plan for this park was adopted by the BoCC on November 23, 2010. Future development will include standard facilities such as ball fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, picnic shelters, etc. The BoCC, along with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of "green" infrastructure for future active recreation development and for establishing conservation and habitat restoration areas on the property.

Utica District Park Phase 2

Facilities that may be considered for development in Phase 2 include roads and parking, W&S, electric utilities, picnic shelters, athletic fields, athletic field lighting, playgrounds, restrooms, basketball courts, tennis courts, trails, roads and parking. Some of these improvements would be for facilities that were not constructed in Phase 1. Preservation of the existing farm buildings for an interpretation of the history of agriculture in Frederick County will continue.

Note: Future park sites will be determined based on availability which include the following locations as adopted in the FY’13 CIP: Emmitsburg / Thurmont Area Regional Park, New Market / Spring Ridge Area Community Park, Green Valley Valley / Monrovia Area Community Park and Fountain Rock Park Expansion. Refer to the Park Acquisition section for additional information.