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Local Health Improvement Process
The process for local health improvement follows a circular path starting with gathering data on the status of the community's health, followed by convening community members to review the data assessment, and then developing priorities for local health improvement and carrying out strategies to address the priorities for local health improvement.  We are back again at the stage when the community is invited to join a work group that is taking action to address a priority. 

Priorities for Health Improvement in Frederick County
Five priorities for local health improvement were established during a February 2014 summit.  The February 2014 summit followed the successful cycle of local health improvement action that began with a review of the 2007 community health assessment during a summit in October 2011 which led to the establishment of 6 priorities that became the focus of work groups taking action.  The 2014 summit was sponsored by the Frederick County Health Department, Frederick Memorial Hospital, and the Frederick County Health Care Coalition.  Over 50 persons attended representing a broad array of perspectives from concerned individuals to organizations.  Work Groups developed action plans to address each of the priorities: 
1) Behavioral Health Work Group
2) Affordable Dental Care Work Group
3) Education Support Work Group - Youth, Adults, Seniors Subgroups
4) Elderly Support Work Group
5) Health Disparities Work Group

Frederick County Local Health Improvement Plan - Turning Priorities Into Action!
A local health improvement plan (LHIP) is more than just a document.  It provides a framework for accountability, local action, and public engagement to advance the health of Frederick County residents.  A positive health status provides the foundation for a thriving community and economy.    

The action plans contained within the Local Health Improvement Plan and carried out by the Work Groups are expected to be revised and updated as new information and new partners become available.  In the interest of providing an opportunity for everyone to view the progress of the work groups and opportunities to contribute, updates will be posted on this web page.      

If you want to get involved in a Work Group focused on one of the above 5 priority areas send an e-mail to <>  .  Make your voice and good ideas be heard.  Be a part of the solution.    

Goal of the Local Health Improvement Process

  • The goal of the local health improvement plan process is progress in health through accountability, local action, and public engagement.
  • Through the local health improvement plan process Frederick County will support the attainment of goals of Maryland's State Health Improvement Plan.
  • Steps taken by the Frederick County Health Care Coalition as part of the Local Health Improvement process:
    • gather health related data
    • present that data to the Frederick community
    • convene a Health Priority Planning Summit in October 2011 and February 2014 for all interested persons
    • develop a Local Health Improvement Plan centered around the 3-5 top priorities for local action identified during the Health Priority Planning Summit
    • convene work-groups for each local priority to establish associated objectives, strategies, measures and responsible entities
    • evaluate progress continually
    • report back to the Frederick community on a periodic basis

Reference Materials (see also Resources section on the Community Health Data webpage)