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Adolescent Activities Center
Our Mission
Contact Information
Jeffrey Thompson
Program Director
350 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD   21702

Monday-Friday 3:30 - 7:00pm
Saturdays 11:00 am - 5:00pm
The mission of the Activities Center is to provide a safe; community based adolescent clubhouse which provides developmentally appropriate services grounded in peer-based support system.  The model will incorporate core values such as:
 * Family Focused with inclusive definition of family
 * Self-directed recovery
 * Age and developmentally appropriate
 * Focused on total, wellness and empowerment
 * Strength based, realizing multiple capacities, resiliencies, talents and coping abilities
 * Peer support
 * Promoting pro social development, social and community relationships
 * Respect and responsibility
 * Hope





Our Vision is for adolescents of Frederick County to utilize the Clubhouse as a starting point or continuing care link for peers supporting one another through the process of recovery.

Clubhouse Brochure


Membership is opened to all youth, ages 12-17.  We are currently accepting applications for membership.  Feel free to drop in and complete a free membership application.  


 * Off-Site Parental Consent Form
Drop-In Agreement Form

Engagement Strategy

The primary engagement strategy is to include young people in all aspects of the development of the project.  Members will actively be involved in the decision-making process from the beginning.  This will range from the choice of furnishings to the name of the Clubhouse.  The inclusion of young people in the decision-making process will bolster their support, buy-in and allow them to take ownership of the project.  Various activities will take place throughout the month.  Volunteers from within the community are being recruited to provide activities at the center daily for the youth.  

Volunteer Recruitment Form

Members will also be given club cards and receive punch stamps for each activity they engage in.  Incentives will include such items as gift cards and bus passes.  Incentives will be offered to those members who engage in the most activities per month, who stay active and those who bring in new members. 

Staff members will offer activities during school closures, unless inclement weather causes State Employees to take leave.  This will give teen members a chance to engage in activities even when school is closed.  Adolescent clients who are currently receiving substance abuse treatment will be encouraged to take the opportunity to drop-in to the center and can be done as a field trip or just coming in to be a part of activities at the Clubhouse.  Snacks and family night meals will also be offered at the Clubhouse.