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Boyers Mill Road and Bridge CIP
Project Overview

To date, the Office of Transportation Engineering staff has negotiated and the Board of County Commissioners has approved several different tasks along Boyers Mill Road.  Initially, the Boyers Mill Road and Bridge projects were a single Capital Improvement Project.  However, the road and bridge projects were split into two separate Capital Improvement Projects in November 2010 due to the fact that the bridge project could move to construction quicker than the road improvement project. 

For the current approved Capital Improvement Program, please visit:

Boyers Mill Road Reconstruction

The main focus of the Boyers Mill Road improvement project is improving the safety of the road corridor from its intersection with Gas House Pike to its intersection with Old National Pike.  The upgrade is needed to meet the increasing traffic demands in the area.  The roadway reconstruction project will include the addition of 2 foot or 5 foot (depending on location) paved shoulders for vehicle recovery, along with horizontal and vertical geometric improvements.  Stormwater management improvements will also be made along the length of the corridor.  A roundabout intersection will be included in the project where Eaglehead Drive intersects with Boyers Mill Road.  The addition of eight pull-off areas to aid in speed enforcement has also been proposed.

Current Status

A contract was awarded to a consultant for the final design of the “North section” of Boyers Mill Road from its intersection with Gas House Pike to the northern limit of the Boyers Mill Road bridge project in April 2014.  The consultant is currently working on delivering the 60% design by the end of October 2014. 

Negotiations for the “South section” (southern limit of the Boyers Mill Road bridge project to the intersection with Old National Pike) final design are planned to begin in July 2014.  The Project Manager and Land Acquisition coordinator are holding meetings with affected property owners in the “South section” in order to send their comments to the consultant for consideration when creating the final design.  If you have not done so already, please schedule your meeting today!  See contact information below.

Construction funding is currently proposed for July 2015 (North section) and July 2017 (South section)

The design consultant will have field personnel at the project site throughout the summer months and into the fall completing field surveys and other investigations.  Pavement and stormwater management borings are currently scheduled to take place during the week of October 20, 2014. Staking for the boring locations will take place on October 8, 2014. Please see the general survey notice below. 

Survey Notice

Revised 30% Design Plans

Please see links below to the revised 30% design plans for the Boyers Mill Road corridor. 

Gas House Pike to Eaglehead Drive
Eaglehead Drive to Yeagertown Road
Yeagertown Road to north of New Market Court
North of New Market Court to Old National Pike
Profile and typical section 

Traffic control at the intersection on Boyers Mill Road and Eaglehead Drive will include a roundabout.  Please select from the links below for more information.

Roundabout option sheet 1
Roundabout option sheet 2    

Upcoming Meetings

Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting: To be determined (end of September 2014/beginning of October 2014)
Public Meeting for 60% Design of “North section”: To be determined (Beginning of October 2014)


Chck back for any news articles or press releases related to the Boyers Mill Road improvement project.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, or concerns related to the Boyers Mill Road Improvement project, please contact Samantha Passman (Project Manager), Office of Transportation Engineering, at 301-600-1806 or via email

Boyers Mill Road Bridge Replacement

The Boyers Mill Road bridge replacement project will replace the existing weight-restricted bridge crossing Lake Linganore.  The existing bridge was built in 1962 and has deteriorated; it is classified as functionally obsolete per the 2012 national bridge inventory.  The project includes construction of a new 300-foot bridge with a new alignment west of the existing crossing.  Approximately 820 feet of approach roadway is included in the construction, along with drainage and safety improvements.

Current Status

Concrete General, Inc. of Gaithersburg, MD, began construction work on May 12, 2014. Pile driving began in June 2014. The clearing of trees and vegetation within the project limits in preparation for placing fill on bridge approaches and relocating utilities has been completed. Installation of the sheet pile element of the bulkhead for the north abutment has been finished. The contractor continues to dewater and place fill in the area behind the sheet piles. Construction of the bulkhead system is in progress at the north end approach.  Utility relocation of Verizon and Comcast cable lines has been completed for this phase of the construction.

Public Notices regarding the start of construction were sent out in early May.

If you did not receive a public notice and would like to receive future notices, please contact Samantha Passman at 301-600-1806 or via


Design Plans

Please see links below to select Roadway Plan pages for the Boyers Mill Road Bridge
replacement project:.

Boyers Mill Road Bridge sheet 1
Boyers Mill Road Bridge sheet 2

Upcoming Meetings

No meetings scheduled at this time.


Frederick County Government News Release:
"Work to Begin on Replacing Boyers Mill Road Bridge":

Frederick News Post: “Work begins on Boyers Mill Road bridge” -

Contact Information

For questions, comments, or concerns related to the Boyers Mill Road Bridge replacement project, please contact Blair Hovatter (Construction Manager), Office of Transportation Engineering, at 301-600-3508 or via email or Jason Stitt (Chief), Office of Transportation Engineering, at 301-600-2932 or via email.