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Community Organized Recovery Efforts (CORE)
What is CORE?

Community Organized Recovery Efforts (CORE) is a three-year federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association (SAMHSA) grant awarded the Frederick County Health Department to implement the Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) model in Frederick County, MD.  The objectives of this grant are as followed:

  • To create a Frederick County ROSC coalition to promote the hope and reality of recovery and provide leadership to the community efforts;

  • To increase the number of people with increased access and availability of treatment and recovery services/supports before, during and after treatment;

  • To improve the quality and/or intensity of treatment and recovery support services.

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CORE staff assists participants in accessing mental health and substance abuse treatment, recovery supportive services, education, employment services, wellness, health care and any additional supports that will aid them in their recovery.  Services for individuals and their families will be offered through a number of local agencies which have partnered with CORE.  Recovery Coaches are available to help participants overcome the many challenges of recovery.   

CORE also provides recovery supportive services at its Recovery Community Centers located at two locations in the City of Frederick.  The recovery centers offer a variety of recovery supportive activities like peer-led discussion groups, a wellness program, acupuncture, life skills classes, social sober activities and more.  Click here for monthly event calendar.

Telephone Recovery Support is a voluntary program where individuals new in recovery sign-up to receive weekly telephone calls over a period of about 14 weeks to assist them in their recovery.  This is evidence based practice has helped many people stay in recovery.  A trained person will contact a participant in the program to see how they are progressing in their recovery.  If you are interested in receiving telephone recovery support, click here to enroll.   


Participants of CORE must be Frederick County residents between 20-60 years of age.  These individuals have unmet substance abuse and or mental health treatment needs.  Income level is a consideration when determining eligibility. 

  • Contact a CORE staff member to arrange for an intake interview.                           
  •  Complete the required Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) survey.  
  •  Agree to follow-up with staff at six months for a follow-up GPRA survey and complete program evaluation form

          Click here to enroll.

Volunteer Opportunities

 If you have experience and knowledge of addictions there are many opportunities for you to volunteer with CORE to volunteer with CORE.  Click here to learn more about how to volunteer.