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GIS Base Data
The GIS Base Data includes core map layers such as county boundary, municipal boundaries, place names, road centerlines and zoning in shapefile format. Shapefile is a vector file format used in ArcGIS by ESRI.

Countywide Base Data on CD: $200
Base Data Download : Free

Complete List of GIS Base Data (PDF)
The updated Comprehensive Plan, Planning and Zoning, and Water and Sewer data is now available.
  • Agricultural Preservation
  •  Hydrography
  •  Planning and Zoning
  •  Schools
  •  Comprehensive plan
  •  Index Grids
  •  Point of Interest
  •  Transportation
  •  Control
  •  Land Cover
  •  Political Features
  •  Water and Sewer
  •  Emergency
  •  Parcels
  •  Recreation
  •  Zipcodes
If you are interested in purchasing the GIS Base Data, check ordering information.
Click on GIS Base Data if you are interested in downloading the data.

If you need to order current tax map information for Frederick County, this can be obtained by contacting the Maryland Department of Planning at 410-767-4500

Contour - Planimetric Data

Contour-Planimetric data is also available from the free GIS data download service. Here you can choose to download Contour-Planimetric Data or DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) or both. Contour-Planimetric data is provided in personal geodatabase format and DEMS are provided in ASCII format. If you need help using this service, please see the GIS Data Ordering System Help by clicking either the following link (PDF).


Subdivision p
lats can be purchased at the Frederick County GIS Document Shop, located at 30 North Market Street. The cost is $20 for a full size print (18 x 24") or $1 for a small print (11 x 17"). You can request a plat online by using the Request for Subdivision Plat Prints form.


The County’s digital orthophotography is true color, six inch per pixel resolution, accurate at a scale of 1 inch to 100 feet (1:1200). The date of the orthophotography is March, 2005.  Digital orthophotography is available as MrSid format with associated world file. MrSID (Multi resolution Seamless Image Database by LizardTech) is a compression methodology for reducing the size of large raster data sets. We also provide our orthophotography on CD or DVD format for a fee.
 Countywide Digital Orthophotography on CD: $1275  
 Individual Orthophotography Tiles on CD: $25 per tile  
 Individual Orthophotography Tiles Download: Free  Find your tile here

Please use our At A Glance online web mapping application to assist with your tile requests. Select the Data Download Assistant button to help you to prepare a list of tiles for download or data request.

If you are interested in purchasing the digital Orthophotography, check ordering information.