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Nature Travels
This program is designed for AFTER SCHOOL audiences and can be catered to various age groups. One day per week (for five sessions) our Nature Program Instructor will come to your school and present a unique course that explores the natural world.

Week 1: Botany & Bugs*
Explore the world of bugs and plants -they have a serious chemical attraction! See some of our Nature Center Insects in action.

Week 2:  Woodland Indian Culture
What was it like to live among the woodland tribes from Maryland? Find out how they lived in a world without cell phones and computers!

Week 3:  Amphibians in the Watershed*
Frogs and Toads can tell you a lot about your local watershed.  We will investigate both in this program through games and activities you’ll be sure to remember!

Week 4:  Migration Mayhem
Discover where all the birds have gone and the amazing ways they find their way back. Pretend to be a bird making its way through the dangers of the wild –could you survive?

Week 5:   Animal Identification*
Learn how to identify animals using there bones, fur, or even scat!  We will even visit with some of our Nature Center reptiles.

*indicates a class that includes live animals

If you are interested in having our Park Naturalist travel to your school, give us a call and ask about our Nature Travels Program! 301-600-1646