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Open Burn Permit
Karen Lewis

350 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD21702

Ph: (301) 600-1717

Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Application Process
The property owner needs to come into the Frederick County Health Department to apply:
350 Montevue Ln.
Frederick, MD 21702

The fee for the permit is $15 Fee Schedule. We accept cash or checks (made payable to Frederick County Health Department). Visa/MasterCard is also accepted up until 4:00 p.m. only.   Debit cards are NOT accepted at this time.

If you are applying for a permit and you are not the property owner, written permission from the property owner is required before the permit can be issued.  The letter from the property owner should contain the following information: 
      • Property owner's name and signature 
      • Property owner's home address and phone number 
      • Location of the burn
      • Material to be burned
      •  Permission for applicant to burn
    We will assign a permit number and the duration of burning.

    Rules & Recommendations  (COMAR 26.11.07)
      • Only brush, limbs and wood products 6 inches in diameter or less may be burned.
        • Do not burn logs, stumps, cardboard, paper, pallets, pressure treated boards, construction debris or household trash. 
      • The material to be burned must have originated on the premises.
      • No burning permitted within 200 feet of neighboring habitable dwellings or businesses.  In addition, there is to be no less than 50 foot separation distance from the burn pile to any structure.  Neighboring habitable dwellings will include residences that are located on the same parcel or neighboring parcels to where the burning is taking place.  The  Maryland State Assessment Data and Frederick County Survey Control Network will be used to verify all distances.
      • You must call Frederick County Emergency Communications Center (formerly Central Alarm) at 301-600-1603 before and after burning.
      • Fires must be attended at all times with sufficient control equipment, especially when a fire hazard exists.
      • Steps should be taken to burn material as safely and quickly as possible to minimize smoke production.
      • Fire should not smoulder for a long period of time
        • Use a blower on large piles when necessary.
      • If a nuisance to a neighbor or a fire hazard is created, a public officer may have the fire extinguished and the permit may be voided.
      • Use paper, kindling, or kerosene to start fires. Do not use tires or heavy oil. It is a violation of State laws to burn tires, heavy oil, roofing, or any material that creates black smoke.
      • If you are planning to burn in a woodland or within 200 feet of woodland, burning must be done between the hours of 4 p.m. and 12 midnight EST.   For more information, call the Maryland Forest Service at 301-473-8417.
      • During the months of JUNE, JULY and AUGUST, no burning is permitted per Air Quality Regulation  NO PERMITS WILL BE ISSUED DURING THIS TIME PERIOD.
      • Permits will expire December 31 and the property owner will need to apply for a new permit each calendar year.
    For questions regarding burn permits please call the Frederick County Health Department Community Services Office at 301-600-1717.