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Charter Government
We the People of Frederick County Frederick County will transition from the County Commissioner form of government to the County Charter form of government on December 1, 2014.  Under Charter Government, there will be an Executive Branch with a County Executive and a Legislative Branch with a County Council.

For many years, all five County Commissioners have been elected in at-large elections by all county voters.  Under the new Charter Government, the County Executive and only two of the County Council members will be elected at-large. 

County Executive
The County Executive will direct, supervise and oversee Frederick County Government departments and agencies, establish policies and propose the budget.  The County Executive will serve a four-year term and not more than two consecutive terms.  The salary will be $95,000 plus benefits.

County Council
The seven-member
County Council will consist of five members elected by district and two elected at-large.  Council members will have the power to initiate legislation.  Council meetings are limited to 45 days yearly.  County Council members will serve for four years and no more than three consecutive terms, and will receive $22,500 per year with no benefits.  Legislative sessions are limited to 45 days yearly and non-legislative sessions as needed.  

2014 Election
This year's voter ballot  on Primary Election Day (June 24) and General Day (November 4)  will allow registered voters to vote for the County Executive, for no more than two council members running county wide, and for one county council member from their district.  

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