Corrections Bureau Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement
The Corrections Bureau vision is to; strive to be proactive not reactive in every aspect of operation, empowering all staff to perform to their highest expectation, enable decision and duty flexibility within established policy and procedure, being responsible and accountable to each other and our shared duty and vision; with these objectives our organization will become an efficient agent of change for staff, offender and the public we serve; never forsaking the element of evaluation to assure we are always the best we can be.

Purpose of a Vision
A vision identifies what the organization stands for and where the organization intends to go. It is a simple inspirational, focusing statement, that helps all the organization's employees identify with a cause greater then themselves. A vision helps everyone in the organization see clearly where it is they are working so hard to go. A vision helps us see why and how our work is important. Having a common vision creates great unity and a sense of commitment. Victor Frankel (1985) wrote about his observations in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II; he realized that those who survived in the most dreadful of conditions were those who had a vision, a picture of what they were supposed to do in life, a purpose of being. All of us strive to have a purpose in the various areas of our lives, therefore, if we are committed to a purpose, to something greater than ourselves, we are much more likely to be motivated, energized, creative and loyal. Sometimes direction in travel eludes us, but with the map of vision, the direction is clear.