Community Support

About Us
Frederick County State's Attorney / Youthful Offender Program
The Frederick County State's Attorney’s Office, prepared a request to the State of Maryland for funding through a grant for a youthful offender program for juveniles within Frederick County. This program would provide an educational view of the criminal justice system through tours of various facilities and educational programs provided in a classroom setting.

School Education Support
The Frederick County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau continues to support the community by providing speakers for guest appearances at gatherings of organizations, groups and / or provided guided tours of the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. The Corrections Bureau is dedicated to contributing to the public's awareness and knowledge regarding a corrections institution.

Other support given during the year includes countless talks with organizations, tours for college programs and student interns developing their skills and knowledge in the field of corrections.

Frederick County Sheriff's Office / Planning
In 1996, Sheriff James W. Hagy began a yearly retreat with Sheriff's Office command staff to develop a long-range plan, for the future of the agency. Since 1996, those yearly retreats have cultivated the strategic long-range plan, a "living, working document". This plan is centered upon the "vision" and "mission" of our organization. Sheriff's Office Command Staff attend the annual retreat to discuss topics such as community service, policy and procedures development, computer systems, basic operational procedures, and futuristic goals for the agency.