Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Division is supervised by the Director of Administrative Services (Captain). This position oversees three Lieutenants and each of their sections. 

Support Services
The Commander of Support Services (Lieutenant) is responsible for the daily management and monitoring of Facility Maintenance, Inmate Records, Publications, Training, and acts as a liaison to the County Maintenance Technicians.  

    Facility Maintenance
    The Frederick County Adult Detention Center is assigned three (3) full-time Maintenance Technicians from the County’s Maintenance     Department Duties include, but are not limited to, replacement/repair of electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, kitchen     equipment, gas fired boilers, and back-up generators.

    Inmate Records
    The area of Inmate Records is assigned a Records Manager and one Administrative Specialist who perform a wide range of duties.  They     manage all  aspects of the inmate base files.  Duties include inmate base record management, and preparation of correspondence to the     courts and other law enforcement/correctional jurisdictions.  Additionally, inmate base files are digitally archived and maintained under     strict guidelines in accordance with the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards.

    Training and Staff Development

    The Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commissions requires attendance in our Maryland Correctional Training Commission     approved academy within one (1) year of appointment to the position of Correctional Officer or Classification Counselor.  Correctional     Officers are required to receive a minimum of 160 hours of training and Institutional Support Staff require a minimum of 88 hours of     training their first year.  The Corrections Bureau runs its own state certified Corrections Academy. 

    Publications Management
    The printing of all in-house manuals, forms, and handouts are handled through Support Services.

Accreditation and Compliance
The Commander of Accreditation (Lieutenant) is responsible for all audits and the Compliance/Disciplinary Sergeant.  The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office - Corrections Bureau is governed by local, state, and federal laws.  Compliance with these regulations is crucial to the success and operating effectiveness of our facility.  The facility is audited by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards (MCCS), National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Detention Operations. 

    Compliance/Disciplinary Section
    A Sergeant is responsible for monitoring compliance with standards issues, review of all incident reports, management and     accountability of security hardware, and inmate disciplinary action.  Disciplinary hearings are the primary instrument where rules and     regulations of the facility are maintained and enforced.   Correctional staff prepare incident reports for a variety of reasons to document     various actions, situations, and information.  The Compliance Section compiles statistical data on all incident reports prepared by staff.

The Technology Administrator oversees all technologies within the Corrections Bureau.  This includes computers and printers, video surveillance equipment, inmate telephone system, computerized inmate management system, digital archiving of records, creating and editing electronic forms, electronic door control and the Detention Center’s website to name a few items. 

Fiscal Services
The Commander of Fiscal Services (Lieutenant) is responsible for the daily operations of the Accounting/Procurement Office to include purchasing and procurement, grant monitoring, budget, inmate accounts, and logistical management including facility and County property.  

    An Accounts Office Manager and an Accounts Administrative Specialist comprise the Accounting/Procurement Office of the Fiscal     Services Section.  Personnel in this section are responsible for the management of all funds and accounts within the Corrections Bureau.      This includes procurement, all inmate funds, Work Release payroll processing, medical billing, and the Inmate Canteen Fund.   

    Logistical Operations
    A Corporal staffs the Logistical Operations Section of the Administrative Services Division.  He performs a wide variety of services and     duties to include: warehouse operations, delivery of consumable and staple items, accountability/issuance of staff uniforms, and     supervision of contracted commissary vendor operations.