Inmate Services Division

The Inmate Services Division is supervised by the Director of Inmate Services (Civilian) and is accountable for all programs and services available to the inmate population.  This includes classification, food, laundry services, medical services, mental health services, substance abuse programs, library services, GED programs, and religious programs. 

The Director of Inmate Services personally responds to all inmate grievance issues, organizes quarterly inmate council meetings, and handles issues with program and contractual staff.  In addition to supervising the Correctional Classification Specialists, the Director also supervises social work interns from local colleges.  Volunteer orientations and volunteer management is also a component of the Inmate Services Division. 

Classification Specialists handle the daily tasks such as new offender intakes, housing assignments, work assignments, program assignments, release preparation, inmate request slips, referrals, housing unit management and inmate classification.  The Classification Specialists are also responsible for sex offender registration, victim notification, DNA collection, detainers and extraditions, transferring inmates to the Maryland Division of Corrections, and act as a liaison to a variety of public agencies.

Food and Laundry Services
Food and Laundry Services are operated and maintained by Detention Center staff.   The Food Services Manager, who is a Registered Dietitian, oversees all kitchen and laundry operations.  A Dietary Supervisor and Dietary Officers assist the Food Services Manager.  There are also approximately 26 inmate kitchen workers and six (6) inmate laundry workers.  The inmates assist with food preparation, food storage, and meal service.  All inmate kitchen workers are required to attend monthly training on various topics taught by the food service staff and are to abide by all Frederick County Health Department regulations.  The kitchen at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center also prepares meals for the Meals on Wheels Program.

Medical Services
Medical Services are contracted out to Correct Care Solutions.  The Frederick County Adult Detention Center is accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards.  The medical unit has nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and a licensed physician or physician’s assistant is on-call and visits the facility at least 5 days a week to see inmates.  Inmates receive appropriate in-house care and may be referred to outside providers for specialized care.  Dental and radiological services are provided at the Detention Center.  Inmates are required by state law to pay $4.00 per medical visit and $4.00 for each prescribed medication.  Dental services are also provided for a $4.00 charge.  If the inmate has no funds, they still receive the services and medications, and their account is charged for them to pay at a later time.    

Mental Health Services
Mental health services are provided through an agreement with Correct Care Solutions.  Correct Care Solutions provides on-site credentialed personnel for psychiatric treatment and case management services to mentally ill offenders at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center.  Licensed Clinical Social Workers,  psychiatrists, and a psychologist provide direct services.

It is important to note that with all of our mental health services, community and other agency support is paramount to the provision of services and the continuation of services once an inmate is released from the Detention Center.  The cooperation among County agencies and other support systems in Frederick County is exceptional.

Substance Abuse Programs
Substance abuse programs are provided through the Frederick County Health Department.  Funding sources are a combination of county, state, and federal grant programs.  Substance abuse counselors are on-site at the Detention Center, Monday through Friday to provide drug and alcohol treatment and education to both men and women.  The primary focus of the Detention Center’s program is increasing awareness and personal responsibility in the recovery of our participants.  Strong emphasis is placed on relapse prevention and following through with treatment recommendations upon release.

Library Services
Library services are provided through the Frederick County Public Library System.  The Inmate Canteen Account provides the funding for supplies, books, and resource materials.  There is currently one full-time Librarian assigned to the Detention Center.  A wide range of books and materials are available for the inmates use, including legal reference materials, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, magazines, and current local and regional newspapers.  The Librarians are able to assist inmates with research and are available to assist those in need of enhancing their literacy skills.  Computers are provided without Internet access for inmates desiring to write letters, make cards, or to prepare information relevant to their individual court cases.

Religious Programs
Currently the Frederick County Adult Detention Center utilizes volunteer chaplains and other religious volunteers to provide services to the inmate population.  Such services include bible studies, church services, and individual pastoral counseling.

Vivitrol Program
In June of 2015, the Frederick County Adult Detention Center received a MAT (Medical Assistance Treatment) grant from the GOCCP (Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention) to assist those inmates who are struggling with opioid dependence.  The grants main focus is to utilize the medication Vivitrol ® along with traditional substance abuse treatment to help opioid dependent inmates eliminate their dependency.