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************SCAM ALERT INFORMATION***********PLEASE READ*************
 An email from the Liquor Board or staff will always have the domain name of – HOVER over the address and if that domain is not there, it is a scam email. Please see the examples below:

o   SCAM email - liquorboard

o   SECURE EMAIL -liquorboard (

·     If the Liquor Board Staff sends any payment links for payment on a virtual class or application fees it will look like this

   If you look in the search bar, you will see a PADLOCK to ensure that this is the secure link

    You will never receive an email with an invoice, zip file, password protected etc.

The Liquor Board staff has been in contact with top county officials to ensure the security of our internal email and payment links. This is happening OUTSIDE the county servers. The scammer is impersonating the liquor board and staff.

We are sharing this information to assist those who may have an uneasiness about using our virtual platform. This is now our new way of doing business due to COVID and we want our community to feel confident that the the Liquor Board has a secure network. 


Frederick County Board of License Commissioners

9/15/2020- TEMPORARY COVID POLICY PASSED by Board at public hearing today. 

Maryland Resources

Mixed Drink Delivery/Carry-Out 

Mixed Drinks may be Delivered/Carried out in the following manner:

  • All containers must be solid and have a solid sealed lid (NO STRAW HOLES)
  • All containers must be wrapped in a cellophane type material around the entire container
  • All containers must be placed in a bag with a receipt stapled closed.
  • If delivered, all containers must be placed in an area out of reach of the driver also in a bag sealed with receipt and placed in a cooler.
  • All delivered items must also follow the steps above
  • Must be served with a meal component
Please again make sure that you are following all delivery/alcohol regulations during this time.  We are here to assist or answer any questions you may have during this State of Emergency.  The links below are different types of containers that would meet these suggestions.  Again if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

Delivery of Alcohol
Licensees (Class A, B & DBR) who would like to apply for alcohol delivery may do so by completing the Delivery form (policy is attached to the form) and email it to for approval.  Once approval is received, use the Delivery Customer form for each delivery.

Updated: Alcohol Beverages Regulations-adopted August 2019.  
Changes to Rules and Regulations


  • Debbie Burrell, Chairman
  • Joan Aquilino, Board Member
  • Chris Glass, Board Member

Liquor Board Staff

  • Penny Bussard, Liquor Board Coordinator
  • Robert Shrum, Alcoholic Beverages Inspector
  • Robert Lind, Alcoholic Beverages Inspector
  • Ashley Kneessi, Administrative Specialist
  • Dawn Shugars, Administrative Specialist

To reach staff click here.