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Inclement Weather 

The Liquor Board office will follow the Frederick County Government's General Closures & DelaysPlease call the office for more information or to schedule your visit in inclement weather conditions.

Renewals Have Launched!

Alcoholic Beverage License Renewal Applications have been emailed to all licensees. If you have not received your Renewal Application, please reach out to the office immediately.

2023 Alcohol Sales Compliance Check Update

Between September and November 2023, The Frederick County Board of Licensed Commissioners supported a Sales to Minor compliance initiative of 31 alcohol licensed establishments in Frederick County.  Of the 31 licenses inspected, 12 passed and 19 sold alcohol to underage buyers. This is a failure rate of 61%.  

News Release including a list of pass/fail establishments.

2024 Legislative Request

On November 13, 2023, the Frederick County Liquor Board hosted the first ever Alcohol Day. This event was a chance for the Board to present the 2024 legislative packet to the Delegation and the public in an open setting and afforded the time to have interested parties weigh in. Feedback was collected from members of the Frederick County Delegation, Maryland Alcohol Tobacco Cannabis Commission staff, and Frederick County Alcohol Beverage Licensees.

2024 Legislative List

MARCH DATES FOR Alcohol Awareness Classes offered OFF SITE.

  • X-GOLF- FRIDAY MARCH 8TH at 8am- 5205 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704.

If you wish to register for one of the above classes EMAIL or CALL THE OFFICE AT 301-600-2984. THERE IS NO ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THESE CLASSES.


Signup for Alcohol Awareness Training here!
To view all available classes, scroll to the bottom of the form to the drop-down class selection menu.

  • Thursday April 11, 2024, at 8:30am.
  • There are strict guidelines for virtual classes, please see below. 
    • You must sign on 15 minutes early to ensure there are no technical difficulties. 
    • You MUST always be seen on the screen; THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. 
    • you MUST use a computer to sign in so that the screen stays open during testing. 
    • If you must use a cell phone and are in a group setting, if the proctor can see the students on the one screen main screen, then you can use the cell phone. (Example a person sets up one laptop that views the room of participants to take the class, but the test is taken on each person’s cell phone) 
    • Cell phones typically cut off the screen during testing. THIS CANNOT OCCUR – IF SO, THE TEST IS DISQUALIFIED. 
    • Each participant must have their own valid email address to join this class.
    • Each person will receive an email invitation to attend the class ONCE THE CLASS FEE IS PAID. ($40.00 PER PARTICPANT)
    • You must complete the form with a valid mailing address as this is the way you will receive your certificate. We will send an electronic copy within 24 hours of taking the class, but the actual hard copy will be mailed. Signup for Alcohol Awareness Training here!
      To view all available classes, scroll to the bottom of the form to the drop-down class selection menu.

Alcohol Awareness for Special "One-Day" Licenses and Promoters Permits 

Each Licensed event shall have 100% employees/volunteers serving or selling alcohol complete an Alcohol Awareness training program.


All licensed establishments must have 50% of ON DUTY employees that are SELLING or SERVING alcohol, Alcohol Awareness trained.


Alcohol Beverages Regulations

Regulations Adopted June 12, 2023, effective July 1, 2023

Rules of Procedure

Amended Rules of Procedure Adopted December 4, 2023