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Public Hearing agendas for the Board's vote have been posted to the Liquor Board website.  Although the format of these hearings have changed, you may still view all agendas and applications by click HERE.  We welcome any and all public comments via:

Frederick County Board of License Commissioners

Businesses and Activities that can resume 5pm, Friday June 12
Maryland is following Governor Hogan's Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery plan, which includes a phased approach to reopening business.  The state is in Stage Two per the Governor's Executive Orders.  Effective June 12 at 5pm, outdoor entertainment and recreational attractions along with indoor dining may reopen to the general public though specific closures and restrictions are still in place.  Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced yesterday as a result of positive health metrics, that Governor Hogan's list of businesses and activities that can resume effective 5pm on Friday, June 12 will go into effect in Frederick County.  These include:

  • Indoor Dining-Restaurants may open at 50% capacity, with tables spaced at least 6 feet apart.  Face coverings must be worn by staff and by diners, except when they are eating or drinking.  Groups may be no larger than six people.  Tables must be cleaned between each seating.  Strict health requirements must be met.
  • Outdoor Activities-Amusement parks and rides may reopen, including go-karts and miniature golf facilities.  High school sports teams may resume skills practices, following guidance by the State Department of Health.  Youth sports may resume, although spectators should be limited.
  • Outdoor Parades, Festivals and Fundraisers-These outdoor gatherings may resume with appropriate physical distancing.
  • Child Care Providers-Rooms within any child care center are limited to 15 people, including staff.
Maryland Governor Hogan's Executive Order 20-06-10-01
Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner's Health Metrics and Businesses and Activities to resume June 12, 2020
CDC-Business Workplace: Plan, Prepare, and Respond
Maryland Back to Business (updates on best practices)

Public Legislative Form
With the phased in re-opening from the pandemic, the Board is postponing the annual Public Legislative Forum which has traditionally been held in June.  The Board would like to hear from you on legislative ideas and concerns as licensees for policy or legislative changes.  Given we are unsure of plans when we will be able to hold the Forum, we request you email your concerns or suggestions to our office through email at  The Board will review and share with the Delegation to ensure ideas are still being developed with our elected officials in a timely manner.  It is the Board's desire to continue to encourage open communication with our licensees and community, and plan to hold the Forum as soon as feasibly possible.

We are here to serve you and the community. 

Debbie Burrell
Chair, Frederick County Board of Licensed Commissioners

6/9/2020-Yesterday, City of Frederick's Mayor signed two ordinances, Ordinance G-20-13 for Temporary Outdoor Dining on Private Property and G-20-14 for Temporary Outdoor Dining on Public Property.  The City has also updated their Permit Portal, which can be found at the same website or you can click HERE.

6/3/2020-Today, Mayor O'Connor announced new efforts to support City restaurants due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic- "Pop Up Dining" in Frederick.  There are five opportunities available depending on a restaurant's location and proximity to features within Frederick.  The five options include the use of: 

  • Downtown sidewalks
  • In City parks, alleys, and lots
  • In parklets
  • In street closures
  • On private property
A new permit portal is available and outline each of the five options with the appropriate permitting and approval details.  It is the City's intention to maintain these options into the fall and the City intends to waive all associated permit fees.  Questions regarding this program may be directed to the Department of Economic Development at 301-600-6360.

Click HERE for the new City Permit Portal
To learn more about the program, check out the City of Frederick PSA Video.

6/3/2020-City of Frederick's Mayor O'Connor and Acting Police Chief Grossman addressed the City in a public briefing regarding the death of George Floyd and subsequent national response.  Across the nation, this response has manifested in demonstrations.  They have been monitoring these actions for several days, especially events in our immediate region.

The City of Frederick is in communication with organizers of a scheduled peaceful demonstrations.  Demonstrations will be held tonight and tomorrow night at the square corner from 6pm to 7pm.  Additionally, another peaceful demonstration is scheduled Friday, June 5, beginning approximately at 5pm in Mullinex Park and ending at the band shell at Baker Park.  The route will incorporate All Saints Street, Market Street and 2nd Street. The Frederick Police Department is aligning its officer resources to ensure the welfare of all residents during the demonstration and will be supporting the first amendment liberties of the demonstrators.  Please note there have been other demonstration flyers circulated for other times as early as 2pm that day.  The City will provide information on any other events as it becomes available.

As the City of Frederick continues to reopen from COVID-19 and with the planned demonstration, they ask that business owners plan accordingly for the return to large crowds in the downtown area.  As you are aware, large crowds bring more people to the sidewalks, streets and require business owners to secure any property outside that may hinder passage or could be damaged by increased traffic.

Business owners may contact the City's Department of Economic Development with any additional questions at 301-600-6360.

Click HERE to view Mayor O'Connor and Acting Police Chief Grossman's public briefing.
Click HERE to for more information (this will direct you to the City of Frederick's website).

6/1/2020-The Liquor Board was advised that in order for the Food Control Office (one of the reviewing agencies for temporary outdoor dining), to review your plans, please provide the following:

  1. Proposed area layout with entrances/exits noted and table spacing noted.
  2. Confirm that there will not be any outside food or beverage preparation including no wait stations.  All food and beverages must come directly from the already approved kitchen/bar/beverage stations.
  3. Confirm no changes to the existing approved menu.
  4. Review the following and confirm that your facility will operate in compliance with the current Governor's Orders and Maryland Best Practices document.
  5. Visit the Maryland Business Resources website which includes signage that can be used for patrons.
  6. Does your facility anticipate allowing smoking or dog friendly dining in the outdoor area?
  7. Keep in mind that patrons will need to have access to your facility restrooms.  You will need to have plans in place to ensure social distancing and disinfection/cleaning is sufficient.
  8. If your facility has been closed for a period of time, review and confirm that you have addressed the tasks on the FDA Checklist.
Once the Food Control Office receives the above information, they can evaluate your plan for approval.  Their final approval will be forwarded to the Planning/Permit Office that is handling all permit applications.  If you have any questions, please contact:
Wendy Cochran at or
Kimberly Hildebrandt. at

-The Liquor Board was advised late yesterday that the new temporary permit forms would need to be completed to those partnering agencies in order to allow for inspections and the safety of the community. Staff has sorted through the request that our agency has received and would like to share the supporting links.  Please see the instructions below to be a guidance tool.

The Liquor Board form should be submitted as requested.  This gives our agency the ability to track who is applying and to be a resource to our licensees. We want be available to assist with Fast-tracking the request through our partnering agencies.

Frederick County Permits Office:

Temporary Outdoor Seating Application for Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

Included in the application is the State of Maryland guidelines for Best Practices for Businesses to Reopen Restaurants. 

For additional information, visit

City of Frederick:
The third link “Sidewalk Café Application” is the permit we have used for years for sidewalk cafes downtown.

Frederick County Liquor Board:

Temporary Outdoor Dining 

Main Website:

Maryland Governor Hogan's Executive Order 20-05-27-01
Frederick County Executive Order 02-2020 and additional information
Restaurants/Bars Covid19 Best Practices
Click HERE for a current list of guidelines

5/22/2020-Yesterday, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced the launch of a new grant program to support local small businesses and farmers.  She earmarked $5 million to award through the new Jump Start Grants Program.  Jump Start grants are designed to assist small for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations that experienced financial loss caused by the coronavirus.  Applications will be accepted from  7 a.m. Thursday, May 28, until 11:59 p.m. Friday, June 5 and must be made online at

Executive Gardner also unveiled a new online dashboard that allows the public to track local COVID-19 statistics.  The dashboard charts and data about testing, cases, and hospitalizations, which will be updated daily.  Statistics on nursing homes will be updated each week.  The dashboard can viewed at

5/14/2020-Governor Hogan held a press conference yesterday regarding moving to Phase One of Maryland's Road to Recovery.  This is allowing some Maryland businesses to open with restrictions.  Ultimately Governor Hogan is allowing individual County leaders to decide how and when their specific County will enter in to Phase One.  Today at 3pm, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner held a press conference.  Executive Gardner stated Frederick County will enter in to phase one at a slower rate.  The Stay at Home Order is still in place, retail shops may open for curbside pick-up only, manufacturers, animal adoptions, animal groomers, and car washes may open.  Small retail shops (less than 10,000 square feet) may open at a 50% capacity, and must follow other guidelines provided by the State and County. On May 21, 2020 at 11am Executive Gardner will hold another press conference to provide another update.  If, there is not a surge, Executive Gardner will allow hair salons, barber shops and churches to open at a 50% capacity, as long as social distancing practices are followed.  More information can be found by clicking on the below links:
Frederick County Executive Order 01-2020
Maryland Governor Hogan's Executive Order 20-05-13-01
Click HERE for a current list of guidelines

Please note this does NOT include restaurants or tap rooms, which must stay curbside and delivery.  Outdoor seating is NOT permitted at this time.

5/8/2020-As the state gets back to business, our business owners are urged to continue to put people first.  This means adhering to guidelines that ensure the safety of your workers and customers alike.  Leaders across Maryland's business community have developed industry specific guidelines to help businesses across the state as we enter this new era in business.  Click HERE for a current list of guidelines.

5/7/2020-Governor Hogan had a press conference yesterday releasing pertinent information that effects a small group of our license holders.  Below you will find the Executive Order that will allow Golf courses to open at 7:00am, May 7, 2020.  As stated in the order all CDC and Health Department stipulations must be followed.

There are a few other important reminders that need emphasized:

  • Using an opened alcohol bottle and resealing it after mixing a drink is NOT a permitted practice.  You must use a NEW clean container for mixed cocktails.
  • If you have expired alcohol, please check with your distributor to request a possible return or swap of merchandise.  This is only permissible by the State during this time.
  • License renewals are still actively being accepted.  **NOTE** The current license is still good until 30 days AFTER the State of Emergency is lifted.
  • Liquor Board staff will be in communication to update how the new licenses will be delivered.  We do not know if there will be public access to the building, therefore staff is working out other details to get licenses issued.
  • Yearly License Fees will be sent out to those who have requested it.  If you wish to pay your fee and get the payment link please email:
  • Below are guidelines from the CDC and ServSafe that will give insight to what Restaurants and Bars should start evaluating once the reopening phase begins.  (We do not have that information as of yet).
Please keep in mind that our website is being updated as information becomes available.  If you have any question or concerns, you may contact our office via email ( or the main office line (301-600-2984).

Executive Order 20-05-06-01
CDC Guidelines
ServSafe Guidelines

4/14/2020-The Liquor Board Staff has received numerous questions regarding the RENEWAL FILING & LICENSE PICK UP.  Please see the important notes below.


  • FILE THE RENEWAL, so staff is prepared when this pandemic slows.
  • FILE ANYWAY-EVEN IF there are Tax Holds, Good Standings, Lease renewal, or Missing Signatures.
  • The Governor stated that all license will NOT expire until 30 days AFTER the State of Emergency is lifted.
  • **IF you choose to PAY the licensing fee- EMAIL and staff will send your total and a payment link.
Staff will update the website and send emails as we continue to get information.  You may also contact the office, Penny, Ashley & Dawn will be answering emails and phones until our building reopens, we are here and we are available Monday through Friday 8am until 4pm.

4/9/2020-An update from Governor Hogan: During these unprecedented times, there is a heighten need for critical resources.  Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions and links for resources.

3/30/2020Executive Order of 3/30/2020 at this time nothing has changed for establishments.  We are aware there are rumors on social media and we ask you to check this website or your email first.  As information changes and becomes available we will continue to update our website and send out email communications.

3/23/2020 1:00 p.m. - In an attempt to address many concerns with the latest Governor's Executive Order, please see the below OLC and Executive Order.  Below are the answers to questions flooding in to our phone lines right now.

  • Alcoholic Beverages Stores may remain open
  • Restaurants may continue carryout and off premise sales as allowed in previous orders.
  • Class C Clubs, Breweries, and Distilleries will continue with off premise sales as allowed in the previous order
  • Convenience Stores can remain open along with Alcohol Sales
Executive Order of 3/23/2020
OLC Interpretive Guidance (for the above order)
Governor Hogan's Website

 As information changes and becomes available we will continue to update our website and send out email communications.

Thank you for your patience during this uncertain time.

3/19/2020-Governor Hogan announced a series of new actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Maryland, including alcohol beverage delivery and carry-out services. Click HERE for a link that outlines the Executive Order.

Governor Hogan's executive order expanding alcohol beverage delivery and carry-out services. (3/19/2020)

After long back and forth discussions with the Comptroller's office and our Board WE are happy to come to the following compromise to our TEMPORARY delivery and carry out of mixed drinks.

Mixed Drinks may be Delivered/Carried out in the following manner:

  • All containers must be solid and have a solid sealed lid (NO STRAW HOLES)
  • All containers must be wrapped in a cellophane type material around the entire container
  • All containers must be placed in a bag with a receipt stapled closed.
  • If delivered, all containers must be placed in an area out of reach of the driver also in a bag sealed with receipt and placed in a cooler.
  • All delivered items must also follow the steps above
  • Must be served with a meal component
Please again make sure that you are following all delivery/alcohol regulations during this time.  We are here to assist or answer any questions you may have during this State of Emergency.  The links below are different types of containers that would meet these suggestions.  Again if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

This applies to Class B, Class C Clubs, Breweries and Distilleries.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Governor Hogan's executive order pertaining to COVID-19.  (3/16/2020)

Delivery of Alcohol
Licensees (Class A, B & DBR) who would like to apply for alcohol delivery may do so by completing the Delivery form (policy is attached to the form) and email it to for approval.  Once approval is received, use the Delivery Customer form for each delivery.

BASED ON FEDERAL, STATE AND COUNTY protocol, the Liquor Board WILL not be holding a public hearing on Monday, March 16, 2020.
Public comment on the following items will be taken via email ( or fax (301-600-3500) through Thursday, March 19, 2020.  The Board will vote separately via emails after the close of comments and applicants will be notified.  Any further questions please email

Frequently Asked Questions

*New Resources*

Updated: Alcohol Beverages Regulations-adopted August 2019.  
Changes to Rules and Regulations


  • Debbie Burrell, Chairman
  • Joan Aquilino, Board Member
  • Vacant, Board Member
The Board of License Commissioners regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within Frederick County. It is the responsibility of the board to enforce the provisions of Alcoholic Beverages Article of Maryland of Maryland and the Frederick County Alcoholic Beverages Regulations

Liquor Board Staff

  • Penny Bussard, Liquor Board Coordinator
  • Robert Shrum, Alcoholic Beverages Inspector
  • Robert Lind, Alcoholic Beverages Inspector
  • Ashley Kneessi, Administrative Specialist
  • Dawn Shugars, Administrative Specialist

To reach staff click here.