License Types

Class A, Off Sale Licenses
Class A licensees may sell alcoholic beverages at retail in any quantity to the consumer at the establishment and deliver the beverages in sealed containers that may not be opened nor the contents consumed on the premises where sold.

Class B, On Sale Licenses
Class B licensees may sell alcoholic beverages at retail to consumers to be consumed at the licensed establishment where meals are prepared and served. Some licensees may sell beer or beer and light wine with an alcoholic content up to 14.5% in sealed containers to be consumed elsewhere.

Class C, On Sale Only Licenses
Class C licensees are Clubs (i.e. fraternal, charitable or veterans' organizations) and they may sell alcoholic beverages to the consumer for consumption on the premises only. There is a special provision to allow sales of sealed special event or anniversary type bottles to go in specific cases.

Class DBR, On-Site- Consumption Permits
A Class DBR shall be issued to an applicant who holds a Class 5 Manufacturer's license for a brewery. The holder of the license may keep for sale and sell beer brewed at the brewery for on-premise consumption to persons that have attained the legal drinking age, and who is not visibly under the influence of alcoholic beverages. A class DBR license must hold an On-Site Consumption Permit.

Special Types with Specific Requirements
  • Class A
    • Beer and Wine Tasting
    • Sunday Permit
    • Winery
  • Class B
    • Banquet Facility
    • Bed and Breakfast
    • Catering
    • Country Inn
    • Dinner Theatre
    • Drafthouse
    • Hotel
    • Micro Brewery
  • Class C
    • Cultural Arts Center
    • Golf and County Club
    • Performing Arts Center (Weinberg Center)
    • Private Business Club
    • Private Country Club
  • Class DBR,On-Site Consumption Permit
  • Stadium License