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Mission Statement

To safely provide Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services while educating, reducing risk and protecting our community in a professional, efficient manner with a well-trained, healthy workforce.

DFRS Organizational Structure

The Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services (DFRS) provides critical life safety services to the citizens and visitors of Frederick County. DFRS employs 450 uniformed personnel, 16 civilian personnel and partners with hundreds of volunteer responders to serve more than 240,000 citizens of Frederick County that reside in the 664 square miles of our jurisdiction.

The Division of Fire and Rescue Services is broken down into three sections each lead by a Deputy Chief, that function under the Office of the Director. The Emergency Services Section includes the field operations, emergency medical services, training, safety and special operations offices. The Administrative Services Section includes the finance, logistics, fire marshals and EMS billing offices. The Volunteer Services Section coordinates with our 25 independent volunteer Fire, Rescue and EMS corporations as well as coordinate a county-wide volunteer recruitment and retention program.

The Division of Fire and Rescue Services works on a daily basis with both the

Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association and the Frederick County Career Firefighters and Paramedics Association (IAFF Local #3666) to

ensure that our combination fire/rescue system of career and volunteer

responders continue our long history of high quality, professional service to Frederick County.

The men and women of DFRS are held to the highest standard of moral and ethical character and work to protect your life and property professionally, enthusiastically, and to their utmost ability.

Fire and Rescue Services Organizational Structure Chart

Fire and Rescue Advisory Board