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Frederick County Government recognizes the principles of diversity and inclusion, and strives to ensure equal opportunities for its workforce, applicants and community members.  If you are a person who wants to make a difference, give back to your community, and be a voice for change, apply to Frederick County Government today.  


Why choose Frederick County Government as your employer?  

Because Frederick County Government is striving to make our community a better place to work, live, and raise a family.  We have created internal and external diversity committees to review current policies, procedures and programs to ensure we are doing our very best for each member of our community and workforce.  

We annually review and evaluate our benefit package to ensure we are providing our employees with the most competitive benefit options, and we evaluate further opportunities to train, advance and recognize our staff.  We hope to become your employer of choice!

Did you know Frederick County Government consists of many departments and divisions that keep our community operating?  From Public Libraries, Water and Sewer Utilities, Animal Control, School Health, to Family Partnership, Environmental Sustainability, Permitting and Public Safety, there is a career here for everyone.   

We asked a number of County employees the main reason they chose Frederick County Government as their employer and these were the 3 consistent reasons given: 

  1. They enjoy the opportunity to serve and make a difference in their community; 
  2. They enjoy the opportunity to be a part of new and innovative community-based projects; and 
  3. They enjoy the people they work with, the commitment of Frederick County Government staff and the ever lasting relationships built.

Learn what positions are currently available and how you can become a part of making a difference in Frederick County by visiting the Current Job Opportunities link.  While visiting our site be sure to complete a Job Interest Card, located under the upper left-hand side menu. Completing this interest card and selecting the job category options that best fit your credentials will ensure you do not miss any future opportunities. 

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Application Status or Questions?

If you have questions about the Frederick County Government hiring process or the status of your application, please contact our Recruitment Department at 301-600-5687 (JOBS) or email