Capital Improvements Program

About the Program
The Community Development Division, Budget Office, and Finance Division annually update the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). During this update government agencies submit project requests which are reviewed and prioritized at the staff level. Recommendations are submitted to the Frederick County Planning Commission (FCPC) for review and comment. The FCPC forwards their final comments to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for final approval.

Project Requirements
The CIP is a 6-year schedule of public capital improvement projects, which includes descriptions, estimated costs, and sources of funding. A capital improvement project must add to the government's infrastructure, result in a major repair that adds to or preserves the life of a fixed asset, or establishes/enhances internal computer/program systems (excluding routine maintenance costs,) and the cost totals $100,000 or more.

Projects less than $100,000 will only be considered if state or federal funding is required. Municipal projects will be considered if it does not exclusively benefit the municipal residents or is a cooperative effort with municipal, county, and/or state agencies. Land banking, the acquisition of land for future projects, may be eligible for a capital improvement project.

Primary Funding Sources
The primary funding sources for CIPs are General Obligation Bonds, General Fund Pay Go, Grants, Recordation Taxes/Bonds, and Impact Fee Pay Go/Bonds.