Ethics Commission

Revision of the Commission’s Standard Operating Procedures

The Ethics Commission is in the process of revising its Standard Operating Procedures. This is due, in part, to the changes made to the Ethics Law in Bill No. 16-01, which became effective on April 30, 2016.  The redlined version of the SOP that has been posted reflects the most recent proposed changes to the SOP.  Public comments and suggestions for improving the Standard Operating Procedures are welcome.  The deadline for public comments is July 27, 2016.
Comments and suggestions can be made by sending an email to Linda Thall.  The Ethics Commission will meet on August 10 to vote on the revisions to the Standard Operating Procedures.  The meeting will be held in the Winchester Room on the 2nd floor of Winchester Hall, 12 East Church Street, in Frederick, Maryland starting at 7:00 pm. The most recent draft of the Standard Operating Procedure can be viewed through this link: SOP.
County Overview
The Ethics Commission administers the County's Ethics Ordinance by encouraging and enforcing compliance by Frederick County officials and employees covered by the Ordinance. The duties of the Ethics Commission include making determinations on alleged violations of the Ordinance, granting or denying exceptions to the Ordinance, giving advisory opinions on application of the Ordinance, and recommending Ordinance changes to the County Governing Body.