Commission For Women

About the Commission

The Frederick County Commission For Women (FCCFW) is a non-partisan organization tasked with advising Frederick County government on issues affecting women and families in alignment with our mission and purpose as listed below.


The mission of the FCCFW is "to create a stronger community by addressing challenges and fostering unlimited opportunities For All Women".


The purpose of the FCCFW is:
  • To provide a central agency for the collection and referral of activities and services of interest to women
  • To promote a positive image of women by recognizing their accomplishments
  • To advocate for the county's constituency to the legislature, the judiciary, the executive, the media, and the public
  • To identify, study, evaluate, and eradicate, as an advocate, discrimination against all women
  • To develop and implement programs that will expand women's educational and employment opportunities
  • To strengthen home life by directing attention to critical problems confronting women
  • To educate women in the processes of seeking leadership roles
  • To encourage women to seek political office, either elective or appointive
  • To recommend such procedures, programs or legislation as it may deem necessary and proper to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunities for all persons, regardless of their gender
  • To advise and counsel the residents of Frederick County and all government agencies on all matters involving the needs of women and especially those matters relating to discrimination or prejudice on account of gender
For additional information relating to women's issues, please refer to the Frederick Community College Women's Center.
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