Teleworking Defined

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, means using information technology and telecommunications to replace work-related travel. Simply put, it means working at home or closer to home. With teleworking, employees work at home or perhaps at a local telework center one or more days per week. Communication is accomplished by email, fax, phone, video/phone, and teleconferencing. Nationwide, more than 37 million workers are going to work simply by picking up the phone or turning on their computers.

Paying Dividends

This workplace alternative pays real dividends for area businesses and their employees, while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, increasing the area’s economic vitality, and bolstering overall quality of life.

Sixty percent of employees say telework is a main reason for staying with their employer!

Telework Resource Center

The Telework Resource Center is part of Commuter Connections, an alternative commute program coordinated through the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Originally established to help area commuters find rides to work, Commuter Connections has expanded its services to help businesses and their employees find innovative ways to succeed while improving the local economy.

Additional Information