Service Billing

Account Handling

The billing section currently handles approximately 30,200 accounts: 800 water-only accounts, 8,900 sewer-only accounts, and 20,500 water and sewer accounts.

The service area is divided into 3 regions and these regions are billed on a staggered quarterly cycle.


The sewer-only accounts are currently billed quarterly. The customers having a sewer-only account should be aware that their water service may be provided by an independent municipality (such as the City of Frederick, the Town of Walkersville, or the City of Brunswick) that is not affiliated with DUSWM and is operated by its own respective billing department. Therefore, questions regarding water services in these areas should be directed to the appropriate municipality.


Pursuant to §2-13-24 of the Public Local Laws, all bills are liens against the property and are subject to inclusion in the County's annual tax sale. Since these are liens, the water and sewer bills are mailed to the deeded property owner unless a formal third party agreement has been approved by the County.