Forms, Examples & Lists

Performance Agreement Documents

SEC/SWM Performance Agreement - LOC:
Sediment and Erosion Control and/or Non-Dedicated Storm Water Management - Secured with an LOC or Escrow.

Letter Of Credit - SEC/SWM

SEC/SWM Performance Agreement - Bond:
Sediment and Erosion Control and/or Non-Dedicated Stormwater Management - Secured with a SURETY BOND*.
Use one of these Performance Agreements for securing all Sediment and Erosion Control and Non-Dedicated (Privately Owned) Storm Water Management Devices.

You may combine the approved amounts for sediment control and storm water management on a single Performance Agreement and in a single security.

A sample Letter of Credit is provided for reference.

Please do not vary from the language or format of these documents.

For instructions on using surety bonds,, please refer to the Surety Bond section on this page.
Public Improvements Performance Agreement (PI) - LOC:
Public Improvements - Roads and Drainage -Secured with an LOC or Escrow

Sample: Letter of Credit PI

Public Improvements Performance Agreement (PI) BOND: Public Improvements - Roads and Drainage -Secured with a SURETY BOND*
Use one of these Performance Agreements for those Public Improvements, such as Public Roads, Storm Drains (excluding water and sewer projects) to be constructed and dedicated for the Public's use that will be maintained by Frederick County upon acceptance.

Please do not vary from the language or format of these documents.

For instructions on using surety bonds, please refer to the Surety Bond section.

Surety Bonds

Document Instructions
Resolution 14-01 This is the decision voted upon by the BOCC allowing the use of surety bonds for securing certain permit types.
Surety Bonds Checklist Use this checklist to assure the conditions and requirements for using surety bonds are met. This checklist must be provided with the Performance Agreement submission.
Frederick County Surety Bond
This is the approved surety bond as allowed by Frederick County. No changes or substitutions are allowed. Please complete in its entirety.
Performance Agreements that use surety bonds for their secured funds must be submitted with the Surety Bonds Checklist, Frederick County Surety Bond, and the appropriate amount of supplemental funds in the form of a Letter of Credit or Escrow. Please refer to the individual Performance Agreement for the specific breakdown of fund requirements.

Request Forms

Guarantee Release Request
Use this form to request the release of all or a portion of your “secured” funds.

Cost Estimate Worksheets & Approved Unit Pricing

Cost Estimate Worksheet (PDF)

Cost Estimate Worksheet (EXCEL)
Use the "Cost Estimate Worksheet" (Excel Format) to plug-in the item description, quantity and cost of specific required items from the "Approved Unit Prices" list. The worksheet will auto-calculate the initial schedule of values and (IF you SAVE a COPY on your PC) any subsequent requests for release.

Use the "Cost Estimate Worksheet" to printout a blank worksheet for entering items by hand.
Approved Unit Prices (PDF)

Approved Unit Prices (EXCEL)
Determine the currently "Approved Unit Prices" (either format) for use in the Cost Estimate Worksheet(s).

Storm Water Management Information

SWM As-Built Submission Checklist
Please complete a SWM As-Built Submission Checklist and submit it with any Partial or Final Storm Water Management As-Built Drawing Package.
SWM As-Built: Required Information
Per Facility Type

 Misc. Information required to be submitted with SWM as-built documents.
SWM MD-ENG-14 Pond Summary Sheet
 Form required for ponds involving MD-378 review.

Miscellaneous Documents

Document Instructions
Change Permit Status
Use this form to request a change of status (Active or Inactive) to an individual Grading or SWM permit. The status of a permit determines weather an Administrative or Inspection fee is applied.
Driveway Apron Waive From Standards
Request Form
Use this form to request a waiver from the standards and details for a driveway entrance apron.
Surface Water Runoff
Drainage Complaint? Please read the factsheet.
Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist
Document containing requirements and expectations that is delivered at the sediment control pre-construction meeting.