Application Forms

 Minor Grading /
Minor SWM
Permit Package

Use this application package for proposed grading that will disturb less than 30,000 SF and less than 500 CY (ONLY). This package contains the Standard Plan Agreements for Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management.
Major Grading /
Major SWM
Permit  Package

(MJ) (SWM)

General Procedures
Use this application for any earth disturbance that does not qualify as "Minor Grading" permit applications.

General procedural guidance is provided here. 
Minor / Major Logging
Permit  Package

Use this application package for qualifying "Minor" and "Major" forest harvesting operations. This package contains the Forest Harvest Operations - Standard Plan Agreement for Erosion and Sediment Control and a Declaration of Intent.
Public Improvement Permit Package
Use this application package for the portions of projects that propose to have certain public improvements dedicated to the County's use.
* This does NOT apply to public water or sewer improvements *
Driveway Entrance Apron
Permit Package

Use this form to make application for a driveway entrance to a County Road.
SWM Micro Practice (ESD)
Permit Package
This package contains the guidance checklist, ESD permit application and the Maintenance and Inspection Covenants and Agreement.
Forest Resource Inspection Application Package
 Use this application package to apply for the necessary inspections to satisfy FRO requirements.