Related Services

Related Services

List of Voters

Any registered voter in Maryland may purchase lists of registered voters, voters requesting absentee ballots, a monthly list of new voters, or a monthly list of cancelled voters. Per Maryland election law, the list may not be used for commercial solicitation or for any other purpose not related to the electoral process. Lists are available as a print out or on Compact Discs (CD’s). The current price schedule for these lists is as follows:

List Form
$0.25 per page
CD-ROM (part of county)
CD_ROM (entire county)

An application must be filed with the Board of Elections along with submitting the correct payment in order to obtain the requested list on the appropriate medium. Call the office at 301-600-VOTE to obtain the proper application, or view the application for registration data form to print out a copy. On electronic versions, the Board of Elections will provide the list in a format currently in use by the State Board of Elections. The Board of Elections will not provide any technical assistance for modification on the data format supplied or interpret the data for use outside of registration requirements. The Board of Elections will provide a listing of descriptions for the data fields supplied.

Registration Certification

To obtain certification of voter registration for Social Security, or other similar purposes, call the Board of Elections office on 301-600-VOTE for details. There is a $1.00 handling charge associated with this service.

Requests for Miscellaneous Documents

Any registered voter in Maryland may request copies of various campaign/election documents. Examples include candidate fund reports and election results (canvass). Per page - $0.25 cents