Approved Ordinance On January 17, 2006, the Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance prohibiting yard waste from being disposed in the Frederick County Landfill. This ordinance pertains to both residential and commercial users. Yard waste consists of materials normally generated in the maintenance of gardens, yards, lawns, or landscaped areas whether residential, commercial, or public. This includes leaves, grass clippings, plants, shrubs, and prunings. Yard waste does not include: land clearing debris, waste pavement, soil, or any edible food product (fruits and vegetables) from any garden, yard, lawn, or landscaped area.

The Department of Solid Waste Management encourages residents to:

  • grasscycle
  • compost at home (use this link for info on purchasing a bin or learning how-to)

We also provide 2 drop off locations for the collection of yard waste. The majority of the yard waste processed by the county is converted into mulch or compost for sale at the 9031 Reichs Ford Road Yard Waste Recycling site.

Yard Waste Site Sign