Home Visitation

Home Visitation

Home visiting services are provided to families who are unable to attend the Center for a variety of reasons with the hope that each family can be transitioned into the Center, as appropriate. These services are provided to expectants and / or families with children 0 to 3 years old.


Home visiting includes:
  • Parent Education - Assist expectants and parents in gaining and enhancing parenting skills through the use of various resources and curricula including the Parents as Teachers curriculum.
  • Infant / Toddler Services – Provide developmental assessments, hearing/vision/dental screenings, home safety information, immunization monitoring and parent/child activities.
  • Service Coordination – Connect participants to community resources, follow up, assist with problem solving and conflict resolution skills, informal counseling, crisis intervention, and assist with goal setting.

Home visiting can also include:

  • Employment Services - Help participants explore career options and develop systems for household management, childcare, and emergency plans for sick child and transportation.
  • Health Education Services - Encourage and empower participants to access medical care for themselves and their children to improve parent and child health. Information, education and referrals for family planning and general prenatal health are provided. Parents are encouraged and assisted with keeping well baby appointments and maintaining immunization records. Home Visitor helps parents assess and maintain the safety of their home based on their child’s age and developmental stage as well as provide assistance and resources if necessary.
  • Mental Health Services - Staff provide support and referrals to appropriate resources.
  • Self-Sufficiency Services - Assist participants in locating and accessing education programs, tutoring programs, and assisting families in finding adequate child-care.
  • Social Support Services - Staff help participants identify and build community and family support systems.  Opportunities to build support systems and socialize are provided through field trips, group activities, and invitations to special Family Partnership center activities.