2006 Election Campaign Finance Reports

Candidate & Organization Campaign Finance Reports

Links located beside each candidate's or organization's name take to you the associated Campaign Finance Reports. The reports are in Adobe .PDF format; if you need to download this free software, please download the free Adobe Reader.

The only Campaign Finance Reports available from this website are for those candidates or organizations required to file their reports with the Frederick County Maryland Board of Elections. For campaign finance reports filed with the Maryland State Board of Elections, please visit the Maryland State Board of Elections website. To view campaign finance reports that are required to be filed with the Federal Elections Commission, please visit the Federal Elections Commission website.

Please note that effective January 1, 2007, Maryland's Campaign Finance laws changed requiring that all Campaign Finance Reports be filed with the State Board of Elections in Annapolis. Such reports are no longer filed with the local board of elections, nor are copies of any such reports available in the Frederick County Board of Elections offices. The State does maintain a searchable database of Campaign Finance Reports.