Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

Meeting Date

Meets when necessary (at least four times a year) at the:
Frederick Senior Center
1440 Taney Ave.
Frederick, MD

Length of Term

Three years; staggered terms

Procedure for Appointment

The County Executive of Frederick County, Maryland, appoints the board members, with confirmation by the County Council.


The board was established by Resolution No. 85-03 on January 29, 1985. 

Board’s Purpose

The board reviews whether or not wards of Frederick County should remain wards or not, i.e., persons with mental retardation or another kind of cognitive disability which would not allow them to be their own guardian or people who are elderly and have no other family members who are interested in providing for their care or making decisions about their future.

For more information regarding Frederick County boards/commissions/committees contact Joyce Grossnickle at 301-600-1102 or contact her by e-mail.