Monocacy Scenic River Citizens Advisory Board


Update of the 1990 Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan - 2017

Revisions to the 2017 Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan - 2018 


About the Board

The Monocacy Scenic River Citizens Advisory Board was created in 1978 and comprises ten members, five appointed by the Carroll County Commissioners and five appointed by the Frederick County Executive, with confirmation by the County Council.  The Board provides advice and recommendations to the County Governments on land use, land development proposals, and resource management issues that impact the Monocacy River, serving as an advocate for the River and its varied resources.  Learn more?

River Board Members

​Frederick County   
Sam Roop
Jack Lynch
Robert Whiting
Stan Mordensky
Matthew Toms, Vice-Chair

Carroll County
Vincent Baginsky
George Grillon, DMD
Earl Bell, Chair
Patricia Baumgardner 
Rhonda Bean                                                             

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Meeting Minutes
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Reports, Photos & Video                                                      

Fish Kills/Hazardous Spills
If you find dead or dying fish in the Monocacy River  or Potomac River, please contact the Maryland Safety Environmental Hotline (877) 224-7229 or the DNR-Fisheries Service at (301) 898-5443 with the time, date, location, fish species, and approximate number of affected fish. Photographs and a description of any unusual behavior or water conditions are also helpful.

For hazardous material spills in the Monocacy River or Potomac River watersheds view this link.