Selection Process

1. Written Examination (When Applicable)
The Division of Human Resources will schedule and notify you of your written test date, time, and location. All tests are based on valid, useful, and non-discriminatory methods. The Division of Human Resources will notify you as soon as the scores are tabulated.

2. Physical Agility Screening
Individuals who pass the written test will receive an email from the Division of Human Resources instructing them on how to confirm their attendance for the Agility Test as well as how to obtain the Physician Authorization Form.  The Physician Authorization Form
must be completed and brought to the Agility Test.  All candidates must also bring a valid Drivers License to the Agility Test.  
3. Oral Interviews
Upon successful completion of the previous phase, you will proceed to the Oral Board Interviews. The interview is routinely comprised of 3 Sheriff's Office members, representing various levels of the office’s organizational structure. This initial interview is then usually followed by an Executive Board interview.

4. Eligibility Notification
Upon successful completion of the Executive Board interview(s), you will be notified of your eligibility status. The eligibility list generally remains active for a period of 1 year. Candidates are selected from the list as position vacancies arise. If you are not selected during the eligibility period, you may reapply with the Division of Human Resources during the next active recruitment period.

5. Conditional Offer of Employment
The Sheriff will make conditional offers of employment based on each candidate’s eligibility standing and the number of vacancies that are available. Conditional offers are contingent on successful completion of all remaining selection requirements and position availability.

6. Background Investigation
After receiving a conditional offer of employment, candidates will undergo a background investigation conducted by a member of the Sheriff's Office.

7. Polygraph
All Sheriff's Office candidates will be scheduled for a polygraph examination. Inquiries will be made into areas such as:
  • Credit
  • Criminal History
  • Drug use
  • Personal history
8. Medical Examination & Drug Screening
During the background investigation process, you will be scheduled for a medical examination and drug screening. All medical examinations are conducted by a county contracted physician at no cost to the candidate.

9. Psychological
All Correctional Officer candidates and Correctional Support Staff candidates will be scheduled for a psychological evaluation during the background investigation process.

10. Probationary Appointment
Once hired, you will begin an orientation and training period under guidance of the Sheriff's Office Training Coordinator and your assigned Field Training Officers. Probationary periods are determined by the position classifications:
  • Civilian personnel (6 months)
  • Correctional Officer (18 months)
  • Corrections Support Staff (18 months)
11. Duration of Selection Process
Completion of a recruitment examination and selection process can take 60-120 days. Candidates found eligible, but not immediately selected, may be contacted for subsequent placement during the eligibility period. Reapplication will be required if not selected within the active eligibility period.

12. Employment Agreement
An employment agreement is required for all Correctional Officer and Correctional Support Staff candidates. Basically, selected Correctional Officer and Correctional Support Staff recruits must enter into an agreement to reimburse the Sheriff's Office for costs incurred for training, uniforms and equipment if the candidate leaves employment within 3 years of completing a recruit academy and accepts employment with another corrections agency within 1 year of termination. Additional details are available from the Sheriff's Office.

13. Residency
The Sheriff's Office does not require employees to reside within Frederick County or within a required distance of the county as a condition of employment. However, the Sheriff's Office will only permit use of county assigned vehicles to and from places of residence outside of Frederick County when the residence is located within established guidelines.

14. Advancement Opportunities
The Sheriff's Office provides non-competitive advancement opportunities for employees at the Correctional Officer I and II levels. A promotional process is in place for supervisory positions at the Corporal and Sergeant levels.

15. Drug Testing
All Sheriff's Office positions are subject to random drug testing.