Agility Test Requirements

Overview of the Pre-Employment Physical Agility Test

Part of the pre-employment evaluation includes a competitive Physical Agility Test. Testing consist of 3 individual parts, ensuring all applicants are physically fit for employment consideration. Applicants must pass all segments of this testing to be considered for employment.

Part #1 Sit-ups

Lie on your back with knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Your partner will hold your feet and count the number of correct repetitions. Arms should be kept folded across your chest to perform sit-ups. This test measures muscular endurance for use of force situations, restraining holds, carrying, and running at full speed.
  • The minimum requirements for a 1-minute duration is 25 sit-ups.

Part #2 Pushups

From the prone position, place hands palms down under shoulders, push your body upward until arms are straight, do not lock elbows!   From this position, when told to start, the participant will lower your body until the chest touches partner's fist, keeping your back straight at all times. The rest position is in the up position only! This test measures absolute strength for use of force, lifting / carrying persons, and restraining struggling persons.
  • The minimum requirements for a 1-minute duration is 19 pushups.

Part #3 300 Meter Run

The 300 meter run will be run on a hard, flat surface. This is the best cardiovascular test available. This test measures use of force beyond 1 minute. The minimum requirements for the 300 meter run is 75.3 seconds.

**Applicant must pass all segments of testing**.