Bike to Work with TransIT

Bike To Work

MARC riders may bike to the downtown station and use the bike racks provided to secure their bikes. Commuters can bike to a TransIT bus stop, secure their bikes on the bus bike rack, and ride TransIT to their work sites.

Biking to work improves air quality, reduces gas costs and commuting stress, and improves fitness. Prior to biking to work for the first time, cyclists should tune up their bikes, map their routes, check connections needed for bus, train or rail, and make a trial run.

Bike to Work Day Video

View a video for Bike to Work Day 2018 at the Frederick Pit Stop.

Be Street Smart

In 2016, 5,987 pedestrians and 840 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the United States.  Preliminary data shows pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities accounted for 26 percent of the total traffic fatalities in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and northern Virginia in 2017; 77 of the deaths were pedestrians and 5 bicyclists. View more safety information.