Child Safety Seat Program

Is Your Family Riding in a Safe Manner?
Protecting children in cars requires a long-term commitment. Field experience during child safety seat checkpoints show that 9 out of 10 child safety seats are not being used or installed correctly.

Children progress through the use of infant seats, toddler seats and finally booster seats before they are of the proper age, height, and weight to wear the vehicle safety belt. Generally, the adult safety belt does not properly fit people shorter than 4'9" or under 80 to 100 pounds.
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Booster Seat
Parents routinely protect their children through the use of car seats, but many parents do not use booster seats. Parents of booster age children (generally 4-8 years of age) skip the use of a booster seat and move their child to the adult safety belt too soon. Booster seats help position the adult safety belt properly on the child's shoulders and hips providing a safer and more comfortable ride. Make sure your child safety seat is installed correctly!

To schedule an appointment to have your child safety seat installed or inspected, please contact the Fire and Rescue hotline at 301-600 SEAT (7328) or contact the Frederick County Health Department Safe Kids Program at 301-600-3326. You can also text 240-877-4087 or email for an appointment. To learn more about the Safe Kids Frederick County program, visit