Founder Memorials

This Memorial recognizes 2 very significant figures in the history of the FCCFW – Gail Pate and Sandra West. Both Gail and Sandra passed too soon from this world, but we felt it would be appropriate to highlight and honor their contributions to the lives of women in Frederick County.

Both Gail and Sandra were members of the initial November 1991 Steering Committee for a Frederick County Commission for Women. This group worked very hard, and often against odds, to lay the groundwork for the Women’s Commission.

On July 21, 1992, the Board of County Commissioners passed ordinance No. 92-15-050 establishing the Frederick County Commission For Women. And on October 20, 1992, just 15 months from conception, the first Women’s Commission meeting was held at Winchester Hall and they hit the deck running!

So, to Gail and Sandra, our sincere thanks for all you’ve achieved for the Women of Frederick County!