Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

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Bi​keways & Trails Survey

Frederick County performed its first public survey in late 2010.  This survey has been updated and is available here for your input today.  We greatly appreciate the time you invest in this so that we might be more responsive to the bicycle/pedestrian needs of our County community.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Bikeways & Trails Plan

Frederick County adopted its first Bikeways and Trails Plan in December 1999, which addresses both on-street bicycle facilities and off-street trails. This plan proposes a county wide network of 334 miles of on-street bikeways and 174 miles of off-street trails.
  • The on-street bikeways would make use of existing shoulders and also identify which roads should be targeted for improvements to add shoulders for use as bike lanes. The proposed network includes county, municipal, and state roads.
  • The plan identifies 18 off-street trail corridors to accommodate either multi-use trails (for walking/running and bicycle use) or natural surface trails (for hiking and mountain biking). Equestrian use may also be permitted on these trails.

Frederick County

The County's first trail project is the Ballenger Creek Trail, which is planned to connect the Ballenger Creek Park to the Monocacy River a distance of approximately 5 miles.  Two sections have been constructed and a third section (Section IV) is currently under design.  Upon construction of Section IV there will be a continuous trail from Ballenger Elementary School through the Kingsbrook development under New Design Road to Executive Way.  The design and construction of the Ballenger Creek Trail is the responsibility of the County Division of Parks and Recreation.

City of Frederick

The City of Frederick has adopted its Shared Use Path Plan in March 2002. This plan focuses on off-street trails/paths and many of the corridors follow those identified in the County's Bikeways and Trails Plan. For more information contact the City of Frederick Department of Planning at 301-600-1884.

State of Maryland

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) coordinates bicycle and pedestrian planning among its state agencies and provides coordination and technical assistance to local jurisdictions.