Annual Transportation Priorities Review

The Transportation Priorities Review is conducted annually to, for the most part; address the State primary and secondary highway project priorities as well as a review of other transportation needs and priorities.  A focus of the priorities is to highlight the multi-modal components of the County's transportation network and to identify specific priorities for the state primary and secondary highways for the Maryland Department of Transportation's preparation of next year's draft Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP).

The priorities review provides a multi-modal approach to identifying transportation needs and priorities, including:

     •  State primary and secondary highway projects
     •  Local and regional transit services
     •  Bicycle and pedestrian projects
     •  The Frederick Municipal Airport

The Transportation Priorities Review is formally presented for review to the County Planning Commission, Transportation Services Advisory Council (TSAC), and the County Council.  Comments and recommendations from these groups and the municipalities in Frederick County will be forwarded to the County Executive and the Maryland State Delegation for their consideration and final approval.  All of the above mentioned presentations are open to the public.  County staff also coordinates with individual MDOT agencies as appropriate to review opportunities for consistency in project priorities.  The priority listing for State projects are then transmitted to the Maryland Department of Transportation in early April.