Recycling in the Workplace

Recycling Works in Frederick County
Solid waste disposal is not a fixed cost but a manageable expense...which means, "going green" just might save some green on your business's bottom line. Did you know that it costs $51 less per ton to dispose of recyclable materials than trash at the Frederick County landfill? When you think of all the things a business could recycle, a cost reduction for waste management could be attained by actively managing the business waste stream. And many local businesses are doing just that- recycling more, wasting less and saving money in the process.
Go Green, Save Green
Did You Know? Frederick County has a 50% Recycling Rate!
This figure is tallied by the Maryland Department of the Environment, using measurements of Frederick County Government's own recycling programs combined with data submitted to the County by private businesses. We rely on this reporting to help track the success of local recycling and waste reduction efforts. If your business has recycled or composted material in the previous year, please contact Commercial Recycling Program Coordinator Donna Corbus, at 301-600-7404 or download a reporting form here. Data should be submitted to our office by February 16, 2016.
Download Our Business Guidebook
Mind Your Business! Guide to Integrated Waste Management Practices for Organizations and Workplaces. View and print practical tips for sustainable commercial waste management practices. Contact us by sending email or by calling 301-600-7404. The County does not provide recycling collection services for businesses.
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Businesses already recycling (or composting, or reducing paper use, or reusing equipment...) can get recognized for their efforts!Find out about our annual awards program and see the 2015 winners here.