Sec 1-19-9-300

1-19-9.300 Structures with Basements Near Wet Soils
(A) (1) No zoning certificate or building permit shall be issued for construction of a residential structure with a basement if proposed on or within 100 feet of “wet soils” until a soils delineation report is prepared by a licensed soils scientist or professional engineer registered in the State of Maryland. The soils report shall be submitted for review by the SCD prior to the Zoning Administrator’s approval of the certificate or permit unless such a report was completed at an earlier stage of the development review process

(2) If a residential structure(s) with a basement(s) is proposed within “wet soils,” the developer must: (a) Perform one of the following:

1. Construct a gravity drainage
system in accordance with the BOCA Code; or

2. Utilize another similar solution acceptable to the permits office; or

3. Submit a geotechnical report by a registered professional engineer in the State of Maryland; and

(b) Place a note on the plat requiring that all construction shall be in conformance with the approved solution.

(Ord. 77-1-78, § 40-31, 1-24-1977; Ord. 78-12-110, § 2, 5-29-1978; Ord. 96-17-169, 8-6-1996)

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