Composting at Home


Composting is an easy, all-natural method of turning much of your yard and kitchen waste into a valuable landscape amendment. It's the original form of recycling! Composting conserves resources, creates less waste, and contributes to a beautiful, healthy garden that's "green" in more ways than one! 

Free Home Composting Classes!

If you want to reduce the waste you throw away (from veggie peels to pizza boxes) AND improve the health of your gardens...composting is the way to go! Some people may worry that the process is too complicated or will cause a nuisance, and others may have not had much success with a past attempt because they didn't know the three basic rules for successful composting. We're here to help!
Our fun, free classes discuss the science of composting and make sure you have the info you need to create a simple, workable system that suits your household. Typical classes are held at the DSWM Reichs Ford Road facility and include a tour. Classes are free, but advance registration is required.

Classes and other events are always announced on our Facebook page, so "like" us to stay in-the-know! We also post events on our website at To inquire about future class dates or to set up a custom program for your community group, please email or call 301-600-2960.

Compost Bins for Sale     



The Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling regularly sells Geo-Bin brand composters, available at wholesale pricing, year round. Currently bins are available in three colors: black, green or beige.

Bins may be purchased at our administrative office. Please email or call 301-600-2960 for assistance. 
Each bin costs $25, payable by check only (our office is unable to process credit card or cash transactions). 

This model of compost bin is quick and easy to set up, but will require stakes (not included) for support and anchoring the unit in place. The bin consists of a single sheet of recycled plastic that bolts closed and can be unbolted to access the compost pile. It also makes an ideal "holding bin" for gathering materials to be composted later (such as fallen leaves or yard debris). This adjustable bin will hold over 14 bushels of compostable ingredients and its open-top, well-ventilated design encourages faster breakdown of materials.