Transcript/Audio CD Requests for Civil and Criminal Cases

Transcript/Audio CD Order Policy

The following information is required:
  • Case name
  • Case number
  • Exact hearing and/or trial dates
  • Name of the presiding judge or master
 Please complete the Circuit Court Transcript/Audio CD Request Form.

Transcript/Audio CD Request Contact Information:

Ms. Jeannie Dower
Legal Transcription Office
Circuit Court for Frederick County
100 W. Patrick St.
Frederick, Maryland 21701

Ph: 301-600-1919

When your request is received, you will be contacted regarding an estimate of cost. Send no payment until contacted by our office.

Estimated Total and Deposit Amount

Number of Total Pages (1 hour of courtroom time = 50 pages) multiplied by the rate of $3.00 per page. For example: 2 hours courtroom time X 50 pages = 100 pages X $3.00 = $300.00). Multiply the Estimated Total of $300.00 by 80% = $240.00 for the deposit cost. Please understand that these are estimates only based on the above calculations as a transcriber has no way of determining the exact cost of a transcript until the order has been completed. Final payment must be made in its entirety before a transcript will be released to a customer. Cash deposits and final payments on transcripts must be made with exact change as the transcribers are unable to make change.

CD Copies

Copies made from the original digital recording can be made at the rate of $25.00 per audio CD. Send no payment until contacted by our office.