ADA Services

TransIT offers 2 Services for Persons with Disabilities

Deviated Fixed-Route Service

Six Connectors routes - #10, #20, #60, #61, #65,#80 - provide deviated fixed-route service Monday through Friday. These routes operate on a regular schedule and can also deviate within a 3/4 mile corridor along the route by request. To register for a route deviation, call TransIT at 301-600-1725 at least 1 business day in advance. 

Paratransit Service Operated by TransIT

TransIT offers 2 paratransit services for persons with disabilities:

  • ADA Paratransit
  • TransIT-plus

The 2 services have different eligibility requirements and different service characteristics (including fares and advanced reservation requirements). Please refer to the TransIT-plus Policies and Procedures(TransitPlus Normas y Reglamentos) for more detailed information about TransIT-plus.

  • TransIT-plus is our countywide, shared-ride, curb-to-curb paratransit service for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. People with valid medical assistance cards who do not live near a bus route may use TransIT-plus for Health Department approved medical trips only. Passenger trips will be coordinated to serve as many people as possible and to use our vehicles in the most efficient manner.
  • ADA Paratransit, a component of our TransIT-plus service, is available within a 3/4 mile radius of all TransIT’s fixed and deviated-fixed connector and shuttle bus routes and is provided only to persons with disabilities that prevent them from using accessible fixed-route transit. ADA Paratransit service is provided during the same days and hours as our fixed-route bus services. Trip purposes are unrestricted. A map showing our fixed and shuttle routes and the areas served by ADA Paratransit will be provided upon request. Origins and destinations outside of this service area will not be served by ADA Paratransit, although they may be served by TransIT-plus on a space available basis. ADA Paratransit will provide a level of service that is comparable to the regular fixed-route bus service.

ADA Paratransit

ADA Paratransit is a service provided only to individuals with disabilities who are unable to ride accessible fixed-route and shuttle bus service because of their disability. ADA Paratransit service is designed to ensure that the civil rights of these individuals are guaranteed as protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). ADA Paratransit is comparable to TransIT’s fixed-route bus service in Frederick City in terms of service area, days and hours of service, fares and response time as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and subsequent rulings of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

TransIT’s ADA Paratransit is a component of our TransIT-plus service. ADA Paratransit’s eligibility criteria are more restrictive than those of TransIT-plus (which is available to any senior or disabled person in Frederick County), but ADA Paratransit provides a higher level of service than does TransIT-plus in order to meet fixed-route comparability standards as required under the ADA. Persons who are eligible for ADA Paratransit are also eligible for TransIT-plus. However, persons who are eligible for TransIT-plus are not necessarily eligible for ADA Paratransit.

Reasonable Modification

Upon notification, TransIT Services will consider requests for reasonable modification to its existing ADA service policies or practices in order to ensure accessible services. Please contact 301-600-2065  to make a request. 

Additional Resources & Information

  • Passenger trips will be coordinated to serve as many people as possible and to use our vehicles in the most efficient manner.
  • For more information, please review the ADA Policies and Procedures.
  • To learn more about wheelchair securement in a vehicle, please see the Transportation Association of Maryland's (TAM) wheelchair safety poster
Note: for further County ADA Information see ADA Information & Resources web page.